methods, notes and classification Power of self-propelled vessels, tugs and pushers by date of construction methods, notes and classification

DATA_DESCR The Questionnaire contains aggregated annual data on Rail, Road, Inland Waterways and Oil Pipelines transport for the following: I. Infrastructure II. Transport equipment III. Enterprises, economic performance and employment IV. Traffic V. Transport measurement (for IV and V there is a certain overlap with legal acts) Note that, for Oil Pipelines, the only source is the Common Questionnaire. Information concerning the other transport modes can be found in the documentation provided for each relevant domain. The questionnaire is sent to the competent national authorities that are responsible for the completion. The questionnaire is not supported by any legal acts but is based on a gentlemen's agreement with the Member States and the completeness varies from country to country. The Data for the non EU Member States of the ITF and UNECE are to be found at these organisations.

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REF_AREA European Union and EFTA

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    • Unit of measure
      • 0 Megawatt
    • Year of construction
      • 0 Total
      • 1 1974 and before
      • 2 From 1975 to 1999
      • 3 2000 and after
    • Type of vessel
      • 0 Self-propelled barge
      • 1 Tug and pusher
    • Geopolitical entity (reporting)
      • 0 Bulgaria
      • 1 Czechia
      • 2 Germany (until 1990 former territory of the FRG)
      • 3 Estonia
      • 4 France
      • 5 Croatia
      • 6 Italy
      • 7 Latvia
      • 8 Lithuania
      • 9 Luxembourg
      • a Hungary
      • b Netherlands
      • c Austria
      • d Poland
      • e Romania
      • f Slovakia
      • g Finland
      • h United Kingdom
      • i Switzerland