How to handle the search tree


Search by tree

AllThatStats home page is also the home of AllThatStats “Search Tree”.

The “Search Tree” provides a further retrieval tool which leads through the tree like hierarchies classic statistical databases are organised in.

The “Search Tree” lists all database sources that relate to your licence (green branches):

  • World Bank …
  • OECD …


From the “Search Tree” you can drill down the sources and themes until you get to the database of your choice.


You need some OECD statistics for a country comparison, and you know that the OECD database “Main Economic Indicators” is a qualified source to get the time series you are looking for. So start to drill:

  • OECD Statistics
  • Economic Indicators
  • Main Economic Indicators

AllThatStats loads the “Main Economic Indicators” into its database section. Here, you can select the time series for chart and table view, time series calculation or download for external usage.